Our Story

The Room Alive strives to inspire practical family living and beautiful interiors. We are lovers of the scandi-boho-minimalist styles of and also have a soft spot for decorating children’s bedrooms and nurseries.

By the time my daughter was two years old, we had designed our own wallpaper after struggling to find something that we liked for her toddler bedroom, and this is how our wallpaper collection was born. Our wallpaper designs are minimalist and fun, in soft pastel colours, and leave plenty of room for adding your kids’ (and your own) stamp too. They are designed and produced in the UK.

Our shop also brings a curated collection of homewares for little ones and grown ups to accessorise and organise your home. We source our products from talented makers and designers from the UK and around the world, to bring you the most stylish home accessories. 

Shop your style. Create Your Life. Live your dream.