How to attract Fortune and Good Luck in 2017

When the New Year arrives, it's always a good time to start something new and make right the things you were not happy about.

Not that you need to set a day in the calendar for it as any day is a good day to make a positive change, however it is good timing as far as closure and new beginnings are concerned!

I've picked some tips for you to make the most of this New Year's Eve celebrations, and have fun with it too! 

Five ways to create the most stunning Christmas Dinner Table

After weeks of decking the halls, the big day is almost upon us and almost all the focus will turn to the dinner table, there is still time to get some inspiration to turn your Christmas table into one your guests will remember for years to come. 

Last week I shared the stunning work of stylist Marianne Cotterill in the tables she styled for Calligaris and LivingEtc event, for inspiration you'll be swooning over.

Today is about the little touches you can add to your table that will make all the difference.

Christmas Dinner Table Inspiration with LivingEtc and Calligaris

Last week I went to the LivingEtc and Calligaris Christmas Event in their showroom in London, and it was full of designer inspiration on how to set your Christmas table, with the awesome Marianne Cotterill (LivingEtc stylist) presenting how she found the came up with the concept for her designs and her mood boards for the two set ups, keep reading to check them out - you won't want to miss the hanging ferns and glitter-dipped feathers...

A wish for cosy afternoons PLUS A GIVEAWAY

13 sleeps till Christmas! This is the most exciting time of the year but also one when we feel drained, longing for that well-deserved Christmas break when we can just chill in your PJs in the best Hygge style you can achieve at home. Whether it's a movie marathon or binge-watching that TV series you've long had on your must-watch list. Whatever your happy-doing-nothing is, it gets even better if you can do it in style.

I wish for All Things Blush

How is your Christmas shopping going? I hope well, but if not, there is no need to panic just yet! There is just over a week left to shop online and just under two weeks to hit the shops. 

If you feel like you are out of ideas for someone special, here's something that might help! Think of their favourite colour... then look for things in that colour palette! Colours bring the best out in people (ok, so does chocolate!), and anyone's favourite colour is certain to lighten up their mood. Check out the blush gift selection I've put together for you! 

A wish that will last all year long!

It's time for our 9th Christmas wish! Don't you find most years that December gets so busy and long because we simply have so much to do, whether it's planning for Christmas parties and hosting, decorating our homes, shopping for gifts and taking the children to lots of Christmas parties (or if you're childless going to lots of parties!)? I also have the added bonus - as lots of people! -  of a December birthday at home as my daughter was born between Christmas and New Year which all adds up to a fun and magical but oh-so busy month! 

Which is why this next wish will make the fun and magic last for months to come...