How to style the Colour of the Year: Denim Drift

It's been what everyone has been talking and blogging about in the world of interiors, Dulux has revealed the colour of the year along with the trends for 2017.  

Denim Drift it is, and I love it! Probably because it's a colour that will work well in so many different combinations, pair it with white and you have a bright and airy space. Is your scheme moody and dark? Pair it with black or slate greys and you got it. 

This colour palette is all about balance. A beautiful, timeless and versatile grey-blue in Denim Drift that takes on a different characteristic depending on how it's used, perfectly capturing the mood of the moment and embodying our lives for 2017. Life in a new light is its driving force, shares Dulux Colour and Design Trend Expert.

The four trends forecasted by Dulux Experts for 2017 are...

New Romanticism: sustainability and responsibility in a heavily urban and digital world, eclectic homes with a truly creative flair ensuring you have a healthy mind and soul.  

Shared Individualism: fresh and playful, all about creating shared spaces to enjoy together. 

The Working Home: inspiration for beautiful places to work at home while keeping a balance between living and working spaces.

Considered Luxury: experiences rather than possessions. Buy less, chose well and make it last. A perfect way of living the 'less is more' lifestyle. 


Keeping these trends in mind, how will you style 2017 colour of the year... 

Here are some tips! 


  • Denim Drift & Metallics: simple luxury at its best! 
  • Use complementing colours to bring out the best in Denim Drift! Greys, whites, dark blues, black. Make it suitable to your personality and lifestyle.  
  • Use it as a neutral background for a fresh, practical and cozy home.  
  • Apply it on furniture or cupboards, pair it with white for a fresh and contemporary look.  
  • Dress it with vintage items and raw materials for an eclectic home.  

 My Earthborn paint sample in 'polka dot', very similar to Denim Drift

My Earthborn paint sample in 'polka dot', very similar to Denim Drift

There are so many ways to incorporate this colour into your home. I can't wait to try it as I had some samples ordered and one of them is in a very similar colour. This one is for the home office which I'll be updating very very soon. 

What do you think of Dulux Colour of the Year?