Chalkboard inspiration for five rooms in your home

Chalkboard or blackboard walls and features have been around for a while now, and when it comes to having a practical home, it is always great to have that go to place where you can jot down those thoughts and reminders that just pop into your head when you least expect them! It also makes a great space for kids to be creative and show their artistic side. 

The challenge is, how do we keep them current and looking presentable all the time? Here are some ideas for (almost) every room in your home... 


A great kitchen blackboard wall to write down your favourite recipe and quick reminders, and in this case as a background to herb racks. I love the contrast between the white planters and the wall! 

This gorgeous bedroom designed by New York based firm Sissy + Marley features a wall space where children can have lots of fun! And best of all for design conscious mums - it looks super tidy and blends in with the scheme perfectly. 

It's a great idea to make a blackboard feature in the hallway, to keep things organised from the moment you step in or last minute reminders you may think of as you're leaving the house. I like the idea of having the calendar there too, and a little basket for keys - genius!  

In the home office, this one was a must! For important dates, reminders, to do lists - if you work more productively by having visual reminders in front of you then this is a great option. And you can also add some inspirational quotes for those 'blank' moments.  

Out of all rooms in the house, the bathroom is the one you'd least expect to see a blackboard wall, but it works! For creative owners, and those who like surprising their guests - you can even encourage them to leave a note on the wall!  

Do you have a chalkboard wall in your home, or planning on doing one soon?